Monday, January 23, 2012

our home for valentine's day

if i told you i had valentine's day decor out before we rang in the new year, would you think i was crazy? well, it's the truth. and...i'm perfectly okay with admitting to it because...i loooooove valentine's day. perhaps i love it because the color RED is involved. perhaps it's because of all the hearts and glitter. either way, i love it and the moment you walk into my house, you can't help but love it too (well, that's my goal).

here's a few of my favorite decorations that seem to be perfect for the occasion...
heart shaped rug for the children's bathroom.
a single bird perched on a cake stand.
glittered heart garland.
a jar full of candy.
a chalkboard message wreath.
a little surprise message here and there.
a wreath over the living room mirror.
a sweet heart in a mason jar.
a red mailbox sitting on a candlestick. 
red glitter.
a lovely reminder. 
a plate on display.
and finally...the first valentine's day gift david gave me after we were married. we set a limit of a single $5 gift and i received the sweetest little book alive. this book has been brought out every valentine's day since 2001. 

the end. 

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