Thursday, January 19, 2012

over and over again

today was a beautiful day in texas. although most of the trees are bare and the grass is a dormant brown, the sky was bluer than blue and we enjoyed it. 

emma and i arrived a bit early to pick up eli from school. we listened to THIS song over and over again. i opened the sunroof in the car and she danced. she grabbed my chapstick, puckered her lips in the rear view mirror and applied a thick layer. i like to think she was pretending she was me. 

we anxiously waited for the clock to strike three. once it did, we grabbed eli, stopped at the house for a snack and headed to the park. there i sat, chatting with friends and said, "this weather is perfect," over and over again.

it's like a little tease of spring to get me excited about it's official arrival. let's hope days like this happen over and over again. 

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