Friday, December 30, 2011

new year goals

i've been reflecting on the year and the year to come. a few goals or twenty-five have been floating around in my mind lately. it's time to write them down.

when i think about my life, i can't help but smile. i mean, i have my bad days from time to time, but i truly have a delightful life. i choose to focus on the small, insignificant details that many don't. it's those little things that make me truly happy. i have a lovely home that is bright and reflects my personality. i have a husband who adores me and i adore right back. we have always refused to let our marriage grow weary and tired. we have kids running around us and we trip on toys on the floor, but we're still those two high school sweethearts that fell in love while walking to class. we been a couple since we were 14 and 15 years old, and now, our almost 12 year marriage is amazing.

i could go on for miles about that. and probably embarrass my husband to pieces, so i'll move on.

so these goals. they are small and detailed and everything that i dream about for this upcoming year.

1) make my own laundry detergent for an entire year.
2) have an unplugged day at least once a week. this includes computer, phone and television.
3) document my garden on paper.
4) paint my toe nails a different color other than red.
5) go on a kidless get-a-way with my husband.
6) repaint our master bedroom.
7) do at least one new craft a month and possibly document it here.
8) i almost typed, make a new friend. but! i believe in quality, not quantity. so...this year i want to grow closer to the friends i currently have.
9) try canning.
10) get rid of negative influences in my life.
11) take a nap outside often.
12) surprise eli at school no less than once a month and have lunch with him.
13) wear more jewelry.
14) paint more.
15) make 52 new recipes this year.
16) write a letter to my children.
17) make a skirt all by myself.
18) finish the audio books on my ipod.
19) make something out of the wine corks i've been collecting.
20) go out with my best friend more often.
21) grow something new in the garden.
22) make more handmade gifts.
23) learn all the buttons on my camera.
24) make this blog prettier.
25) enjoy the seasons more than i do already.

so there you go. twenty-five goals and an entire year to cross them off the list.

happy new year!

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Awesome list... I'm inspired!!