Saturday, July 17, 2010


today, we will board an airplane and in a short amount of time we will be home.

the event happens the same every time.

first. we slowly land. i point out all the places off the 10 freeway where i use to go. the places that hold fond memories.

second. we arrive. i turn my phone on and call my dad. "we've landed," i say. and he circles the airport with my very excited mom.

third. we load my cargo of children.

fourth. we drive to my parents stomping ground. i am wide eyed as we drive down the streets i called home for 28 years.

fifth. we turn on euclid avenue. i am silent while i house watch. the craftsman. the victorian. the modern. the ranch. the tudor. the brick. the cottage. they all pass by and i choose my favorite.

sixth. we arrive. my parents lawn is always super green and manicured. the huge maple trees in their front yard call me to lay at their trunk and watch the leaves sway in the wind. i step foot in their home, take a deep breath and smell. i melt.

seventh. i enter my room. located at the front of the house. over looks euclid avenue. i open the blinds and they stay open during my entire visit.

eighth. i enjoy. i dream. i write. i read. i live.

thanks to a friend, i cannot get THIS song out of my mind.

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Christine said...

Hey Melissa! Just checking in on your life. So happy you get to visit CA. I miss Euclid, too! Have a safe trip!