Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Day 4

I'm a bit late posting the task for day 4. Had an early morning well baby doctor visit for Emma. My chunky monkey weighs almost 20 pounds at 9 months. I'm so in love with her baby rolls today!

The spring cleaning task for day 4 is to dust all our window sills and window blinds. This does seem like a big task but I have a few tips to make it easier. This is an important cleaning chore in our home because I have allergies. 

This is how I plan to complete this task:
1) Close all window blinds. Using your vacuum and the brush attachment, vacuum your closed blinds.
2) Open the blinds and close them the other direction. Vacuum that side of your closed blinds.
3) Go around the house with a damp rag and wipe down all window sills. If your house is like mine, you might need a few rags. 

There you go, freshly vacuumed window blinds and super clean window sills. Here's my progress from the previous tasks...

All the junk from our junk drawer. Yes, this is just one drawer. I found a crochet hook even though I don't crochet (maybe yours mom?), I found 100 pairs of nail clippers, 200 nails, 10 screwdrivers, 1000 buttons and a bunch of other stuff that just went in the trash. 

Then, I used a silverware organizer that I already had and put the drawer back together minus all the junk. I'm still looking for just the right organizer for this drawer, but, it will do for now.

My pantry. This was pretty easy for me. It helps that we have a little shelf in our garage where we keep all our canned goods. 

I typically don't blog on the weekends, but, I'll be blogging on Saturday and Sunday during our spring cleaning challenge. Saturday's challenge is a bit time consuming, but rewarding. Sunday's challenge is easy. See you back tomorrow!


Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

You're so good! I really should join you!

Christine said...

I need to get in on all this cleaning action. My blinds definitely need help.