Wednesday, January 25, 2012

life in a day

today, it rained all day. i do like the rain, but there's no denying my love for the sun. i love waking to a house full of sun rays, blinds open, curtains drawn. my dream house has probably three times as many windows as my current house.

back to the rainy day.

emma has that darn croupy cough so she spent the day in my arms. i did manage to organize the over abundance of art work and school work the kids bring home each week. i purged some and kept all too much. i wrote dates on many and reminisced as i found little trinkets of paper at the bottom of these boxes. i found the parking stub from emma's first beach outing at san clemente state beach. i found a picture of eli and i on a picnic when i was just months away from delivering emma. i found handprints and footprints. cotton balls glued to construction paper. crayon scribbled way outside the lines.

these days are precious and i can't put them into words. i will never get these days back. they will come with the sunrise and go with the sunset. as i thought about this, i was reminded of a documentary i saw a few weeks back. life in a day. a must watch if you are a dreamer and one who notices. it documents the small details in the coming and going of a day. watch it. you will love it. i'm certain. 

the paper that is a result of these precious days, somehow fits into these two canvas boxes. and i love that when they are opened, they scream life. they scream we live. they tell a story of two children who glued and glittered, who cut and crinkled, who walked and wandered, probably while holding my hand. and that is my life in a day. 

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