Friday, January 6, 2012

on your 6th birthday

3 months
one year
six years

dear eli,
today is your birthday sweet boy. you kept me up all night too. before i went to bed last night, i wrapped a present and placed it by your bed so the first thing you would see this morning was a special gift just for you. my plan backfired because you woke at 1am, grabbed your present, ran to my room and woke me up. you crawled in bed with me, i placed the present next to you and we went back to sleep together while holding hands. i remember right before i drifted into dreamland, you kissed my hand and said 'i love you.' then, you woke me at 4am wanting your gift. then again at 6am when i finally let you open it.

the clock keeps ticking and you keep growing. you thought you would be as tall as dad when you woke up this morning. you have two loose teeth which you tried to pull out the other day because you wanted money to buy legos. you've also tried to convince me to tie a rope around your teeth, attach the rope to the car and drive away. you love chinese food, you have an engineers mind, you hate when i clip your nails, you listen to classical music all night and your recent report card showed that you have mastered your current reading level. you are amazing in so many ways and i love that you look just like me.

you made me a mother on this day six years ago and completely changed my life. all i have ever wanted to do was be home with you. to lay you down in your bed for naps, to fix your lunch, to give you paint and a piece of paper and watch you make a perfect masterpiece of a mess. the greatest accomplishment i could ever dream of is to watch you grow and live and be a part of helping you become you.

i love you from here to the moon. and that will never change. ever.

your mother

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