Sunday, January 1, 2012

first day of 2012

well happy 2012. at midnight on new years, i looked out our breakfast nook window and saw clouds of fireworks. "this is going to be a good year," i thought to myself. 

today, i am typing on a new computer because i am insanely spoiled. yesterday, my parents came to my house at 10am. my mom stayed with the children. my dad and i got into my car and he told me to drive a mystery location. we ended up in dallas at the apple store where he walked up to an apple genius guy, gave him a few details and within an hour, i walked out of the store with a new macbook pro. i didn't realize how slow my previous mac was until i opened this bad boy. needless to say, i am thrilled. david made out also because he gets to rework my old mac and make it his own. 
the weather has been beautiful the past few days. it truly feels like early spring weather. i have been thumbing through a new issue of texas gardener and dreaming of what my garden will look like this spring. i am so dreaming about spring, that i slipped on my favorite and very old pink skirt. yep, the pink skirt i threw in the trash last year, but just couldn't keep it there. i tucked it away in my closet and today it was begging me to wear it. on it went with my favorite new grey cardigan with like a thousand little hearts all over it. thank you mom! love the cardigan. notice the silver toe nails. not red, silver. already sticking to those new years goals of mine!
and finally, this. a friend of mine sent me this christmas card. i opened the envelope, read the words and knew it was a keeper. i pulled out a black frame from the closet, placed the card in the frame and now it sits on our kitchen counter. our motto for 2012 in all its glory. 
well happy happy new year. with everything within me, i believe, this is going to be an amazing year!

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

LOVE the new look. Good job on your goals!!