Wednesday, December 21, 2011

random season thoughts

a few random thoughts about the season...
how on earth am i suppose to fill my girls stocking on christmas eve if she doesn't ever let it go?

today i cut a woman off. totally a planned and selfish move on my part. because, you see, if i didn't cut her off today, i'd still be waiting in line to turn. she was quite ticked off at me. i offered her a smile, but she didn't accept it.

it's cold here. it actually could be colder, so i shouldn't complain. and i have a cold so it's not so pleasant.

i braved the grocery store today at 3:30pm. i was a little nervous. emma screamed when i put her in the grocery cart because she wanted to walk. i fought her into the cart, buckled her in and ignored all the stares as i push my screaming child down the isles. then, a little girl walked up to me and told me she was lost and couldn't find her momma. i have come to the conclusion that she chose to walk up to me because emma's loud screams were like a siren in her ear. emma stopped crying but then the little girl started crying.

i recorded the cutest video of eli singing christmas songs. but, i decided i shouldn't share it because it caught a naked emma in the background.

despite the busyness of the season, these days are going slow and i love that. and just like last year, i am managing to stay calm in the spinning.

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