Saturday, December 24, 2011

on the eve

christmas eve morning i woke to two excited children. 

the previous night we drove around our small town looking at christmas lights. there's just something about bundling up, warming the car and taking a drive. we didn't make it far before we all exited the car to visit our neighborhood santa. the cutest couple who lives a few doors down from us. the husband dresses like santa and sits in his front yard handing out candy canes.
during our drive, we spent extra time looking at this house. although it's totally not our style to have blow up yard decor in our front yard, it sure is fun to enjoy it in another yard. this house took the award for the most blow up yard decor in a small little front yard for 2011. 
this morning, i spent making a few batches of my favorite molasses cookies in my new mixer. well, it's not exactly new. it was actually my grandmothers mixer and it's probably about 20 years old. it sat on my grandmothers kitchen counter and now it sits on mine. i love how it's white. it matches the milk glass vintage cake stand i also have of hers.
in a few hours, i'll bake the gooey molasses treats, package them, bundle up in the warmest of clothes and walk down our street delivering them.

may the remaining days of 2011 go by incredibly slow.

merry christmas.

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