Tuesday, December 27, 2011


we're closing christmas at our home. i'm attempting to get our home back in order. slowly boxing up snowmen and lights and ornaments. all that remains is the most perfect silver cake plate that i found yesterday. when i saw it, i instantly knew i had to have it for my collection.

i love the way the house looks after all the christmas decor is boxed up and the presents have found their place in the children's rooms. the house feels clean and fresh and uncluttered. today, i walked around our home listening to THIS song over and over again and feeling so incredibly content and grateful for this life of mine. i started thinking about the new year and the goals i have floating around in my head. i'm yet to put them on paper but will, soon.

i know we're still in the midst of the winter chill here in texas, but i can't help but dream about the garden. about the hours i spend shoveling compost into all ten boxes. about sitting on the edge of each box while i plant seedlings. about the day when i spot my first tomato and cucumber and zucchini, how i feel a sense of accomplishment and somehow want to tell everyone, even if they could care less.

so you know what i'll be doing over the next week as we prepare to welcome the new year. i'll be dreaming.

some things never change.

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