Thursday, November 10, 2011

photographing the sky

this was my view last night. i walked out my front door. turned left. and it was as if the sky said, "well hello there."

it's no secret that i miss california. when i said goodbye to the state, i never realized i'd miss it as much as i do. it's all i ever knew and somedays, i think i took it all for granted. yet, i am still hopeful that one day, i will return.

when david and i were in high school and dating, we lived at the beach. our parents barely saw us during the summer months because we always found our way to the ocean. it was just a quick drive. even if traffic was heavy, once we hit pacific coast highway, we forgot about what it took to get there.

and the mountains. the view was always amazing. in my high school and early college days, i would escape alone and go on a 5 mile hike to my favorite spot. when i made it to the top of the mountain, i was able to see the entire valley. even on a smoggy day, it still took my breath away.

what i failed to take the time to enjoy back home was the sky. perhaps it was because the mountains trumped it by far. so here in texas, the sky has replaced those california mountains.

the texas sky is constantly changing. one day it's filled with the most breathtaking white clouds. yet another day the clouds can streak across the sky, stretched thin like taffy. and on a clear evening, the sky is on fire as the sun sets.

so the way i say 'hello' back to the sky is to photograph it. to capture it at that very moment and stand in awe. sometimes i click my camera, then rush inside to show david. other times, i click my camera, set it down and head inside to grab david by the hand. "you have to see this," i say, "the sky is amazing." i don't think we'll be in texas forever, so, i am determined to not take the things i enjoy about living here for granted.

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