Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today I was searching around iPhoto. I do that often. I love that all my photos are in one place. I've documented our lives through photographs.

I guess I'm still stuck on Halloween because these three photos caught my eye. Eli was grumpy, throwing a fit and didn't want me photographing him. I kept clicking away. I usually do. Because what I catch is priceless. Just as these photos are.

I'm not a posed picture type of person. I take the children to have their photographs taken a few times a year, but, what I display around our home are these photos. The ones that show life, everyday life. Not taken in some studio, not all dressed up, not touched up.

I want my children to remember that their childhood was real. That there was room for error. That imperfections were celebrated, not punished. I want them to remember how I didn't get upset when something was spilled on the carpet. How I simply cleaned up the mess and we continued on. I want them to remember how our furniture was jumped on, slept on, lived on. I want them to remember how I wasn't perfect myself, how I never expected perfection out of them.

I want my children to remember how we embraced life. How we laughed at ourselves.

I want my children to look at the photos and through the moments I captured, see how much I loved them. Deeply.

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