Tuesday, August 30, 2011


i love each and every season for a different reason. 

take winter. i love winter for the holidays. for the cinnamon that fills my home. i love the chillness in the air and makes me grab a scarf before i leave the house. i love winter for the turning of a new year, for the freshness that brings. and although i get major cabin fever during the cold winter months, it only makes me crave the next season, that is soon to follow.

and spring. i love spring for its cool mornings and perfect temperature for afternoon picnics. i love it because i can open every window in the house. i love spring for the hours i spend planning and planting the garden. for the tulips that burst out of the ground. for the birds that seem to love our live oak tree. and of course, for the cardigans i get to wear with all my skirts from last summer. 

then there's summer. i love summer for the lazy afternoons by the pool. for the days when 100 degree weather causes us to stay indoors and play games and watch movies and take naps together. for the road trip vacations that seem to call our name. for ceiling fans blowing our hair every which way. i love summer for the evenings when 8 o'clock arrives and we head outside to ride bikes and scooters and play in the sprinklers. for the sunsets we watch from our driveway and the popsicles that drip on the concrete. 

and of course, there is fall. i love fall for the color orange. for the pumpkins that seem to find my shopping cart every single time i visit the grocery store. i love fall for the costumes and the gatherings of family. for the thankfulness it brings. for the cooler air that i can almost smell. 

all that to say i love the seasons. i love how each has it's own unique characteristics just like you and i. all that to say that i stayed inside the other day, put on a cardigan and pretended it was actually fall. because as each season closes, i find myself giddy and anticipating the next. 

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Very well said! I've been meaning to comment on your blog forever, but been too busy; LOVED the school tags, too! VERY cool! You could sell those on your etsy shop!!