Tuesday, August 23, 2011

emma's first day

this girl has been anticipating her first day of barn school for weeks. today, it arrived! she woke at her normal 8am time, could barely sit still long enough to eat breakfast. i slipped one of her favorite dresses on her, put a pair of sparkly new shoes on her feet, placed a flower in her hair, brushed her teeth and out the door we went.

we left 45 minutes early because the excitement had her waiting at the backdoor with her backpack and lunch in hand. 

we arrived. i scooped her out of the backseat and she ran for the barn. 
she was giddy. ready to pick out her desk. ready to do all the things she watched eli do over the past year. 

there were no tears shed for her first day. there's something about the warmth and security of the barn that keeps any kind of sadness away. the school year just started. we are just barely starting to adjust to our new schedule, but, i hope these school days are slow. i want to take in every moment of kindergarten and emma's first year of preschool.

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