Friday, November 11, 2011

new wall art

what do i do when i want new wall art for our home?

put the kids to work. 

i put out some acrylic paint. gave them a piece of watercolor paper. and let them go at it. 

this girl painted what she calls a red heart. i see a circle. but to her it's a heart. she says all the colors around the heart are people. makes me melt. 

since eli started kindergarten, he comes home probably 3 days a week with a picture for me. every single time, it's the same. hearts. a single heart some days. a cluster of hearts other days. i keep all of them! his pictures are so sweet. i wanted him to recreate one to hang on the wall. i chose my favorite. a cluster of hearts with a trail of hearts to the side. so, he painted it for me. then, he wrote what he always writes on the pictures, "love mom. love dad. love sister." complete with one backwards s. 

i'm in love. 

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