Sunday, November 13, 2011

enjoying it

the weather has been perfect and we've been enjoying it. and our weekends have been amazing. it's that time of year. you know, that crazy time of the year due to the holidays. we're not caving though. we're taking these days at our normal slow pace. 

this weekend was no exception. i thought about the basketball camp i came so close to signing eli up for. it would consume our saturdays. so glad i ignored that one. whenever i think about our decision to decline those activities at this time, something happens. like a spur of the moment ballet recital put on by emma in the family room. or a knock on the front door and a neighbor asking if eli can play. or emma sitting in the driveway, "what are you doing emma?" i asked, "watching the sky," she responded. 

those kinds of things remind me why we do what we do. these kinds of things remind me why i adore this little life of mine...

friday afternoon gardening. 
discovering this type of note in eli's backpack on friday. perhaps there's another woman in his life at school?
picking out a birthday gift for dad at the dollar store. oh, if you could have only heard their conversation. 
the saturday 4:00pm sky. 
the saturday 6:00pm sky.
experiencing the great fall of leaves at the zoo on sunday.
and the sweet smiles of a brother and sister.

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