Monday, November 7, 2011

a kindergarten update

have i told you lately how much i adore eli's school? i mean, we've come a long way. this past summer, i sat by our community pool for countless hours with my friends. friends who also were about to send their first born child to kindergarten. i hid behind sunglasses while my eyes were filled with tears. 

we've come a long way! i made it through the sadness of the first few weeks of school. we have a little routine now, and for this anti schedule/routine mom, that means i too have come a long way. 

i just adore his school and his teacher. he loves his time at school and has grown so much socially, academically and emotionally. although i would still love to freeze time, the ticking of the clock is inevitable, so i might as well embrace it and enjoy it. 

there i stood on friday morning with emma and david. we waited in the hall of eli's school for the scarecrow parade to start. emma put on her best wrinkled outfit and was so excited to see her brother.

as the parade started, i completely forgot about my husband and daughter. i ditched them, squeezed through a few dozen mom's and dad's, squatted on the floor, all to snap a few pictures of eli. 

it's amazing watching this little boy of mine grow. 

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