Sunday, November 6, 2011

proof that we are having fun

david came home late one night. kissed me hello. said a sweet hello to shelby, our dog who adores him. then, he headed to the e's rooms to kiss their little sleepy heads goodnight. 

as he approached emma's bedroom, he placed his hand on the doorknob and i said, "don't do it." he looked at me confused, "i wouldn't go in there if i were you. you might never find your way out." 

he entered. kissed his little twin goodnight, walked out, looked at me and said, "oh my." "told ya," i replied, "we had fun today."

so here's the proof that we (often) let things be. that there are times i put the kids to bed with only a small walking trail to their bed because toys were thrown every which way throughout the day. 

so here's proof that we are having fun. 

the end.

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