Thursday, November 3, 2011

goodbye october

i can't believe we've already said goodbye to october. for me, it's like saying goodbye to a dear friend. the house seems bear since i've put away the jack-o-lanterns and spiders. but, they've been replaced with pine cone turkeys from years past. 

we so enjoyed october. the weather is cool and beautiful. the chill in the air caught me a little by surprise. but, i've learned. the flip-flops have been replaced with winter shoes. my scarves are out and the tip of my nose is cold. 

on halloween we carved our pumpkin. the children were giddy as the sunset and i dressed them in their costumes. we walked around the neighborhood with people we wave to often as we pass in cars, on bikes or on foot. this little neighborhood of ours came to life on halloween night and it was amazing. 

the night ended with the four of us watching the stars on our doorstep while eating a few pieces of candy. we were locked out. locked out of our house that is. seems impossible because of how our house is designed, but, david and i managed to do it. 

i good memory i tell you. it was a perfect night. 

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