Saturday, October 29, 2011

week ending

i don't like to wish the days away, but my goodness, i'm glad the weekend is here. we managed to play and plant, to explore and exercise, to rock and roll, to laugh and learn that even in a rough busy week, we can still find joy. and, we're on the brink of saturday and sunday, two days that i cherish with my family. we shall do no running around. no busy work. just work we enjoy like dress up and plant in the garden and ride our bikes in this new cool weather and take time to sigh. sigh because we are alive and well and that's all that truly matters, no?

and here's a few moments we (i) captured this week.
 this is why i truly do love living around open land.
 this is why i love being the mother of a boy. 
 and this is why i wished and prayed and hoped for a baby girl.
 and this is why i love spending time with just my girl. 
 and this is why i love my life as a mother.
 and this is why i love gardening with my boy. 
 and this is why i love being home to experience my girls first field trip. 
and feeding this horse a simple carrot this week got me thinking.

some weeks, the simplicity i seek and crave is overshadowed by the busyness of life. taking a few sweet moments out of my week to feed a bright orange carrot to this deep brown horse reminded me that somethings can just wait. i mean, i will never regret missing a deadline, but i will regret if i move throughout my days and fail to experience these sweet moments because the world is tugging me along quickly. 

so this weekend, i will bask in the sweetness of doing nothing. which in fact, isn't truly nothing. doing nothing to me means i don't get in my car, the tv is off, the music is on, and we are puttering around this lovely house of ours with no agenda what so ever. and that my friends, is what i live for. 

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