Wednesday, November 16, 2011

and here's to having that feeling back

it dawned on me tonight.

there i stood in the kitchen chopping tomatoes for the simplest dinner of taco salad. the children were at my feet. emma was admiring my red shoes. eli was admiring his height and how he's growing taller and taller and so close to my height. the kitchen floor was recently mopped. the breakfast nook window was cracked to let in some of the cool night air. and pine cone turkeys sat on the kitchen counter watching my every move.

it dawned on me that i have that feeling back. that feeling of being a stay at home mom, of being a housewife and a homemaker. it dawned on me that that feeling i so love, was back.

it goes in waves. sometimes i get a bit too busy for my own good. at the time, that busyness may seem important, but i know it's not good for me. some people live well on the go. i don't. i need quiet. i need a warm home to nest in. i need time to call family and friends. i need time to lay in my bed and cuddle with one of the three people who i call mine.

so sigh...that feeling is back. it's amazing and i don't want it to go away. ever.

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