Monday, January 30, 2012

valentine's day t-shirt

a few weekends ago, i had a girls night with a few dear friends of mine. our husbands were away so it was a perfect time to let the children play, do a craft and play some games. 

all three of us have little girls, so we decided to make a valentine's shirt for them. here's what we used:
-fabric paint
-paper heart doily
-sponge brush
-a piece of cardboard or magazine

1) wash and dry the shirt. no softener.
2) place a piece of cardboard or magazine inside the shirt.
3) grab a doily and place it where you would like on the shirt.
4) put some paint on your sponge brush, and dab any excess off. you don't want a lot of paint on the brush or else it will seep through the doily.
5) dab, dab, dab and then dab some more all over the doily. you don't even have to be perfect, it will always look cute!
6) remove and let dry. follow the washing instructions on the bottle of paint. 

and there you go. a sweet valentine's shirt for a little girl. makes a great gift. i gave one as a gift this past weekend!

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