Tuesday, March 15, 2011


it's still really hard to keep my mind off the global events. to clear my mind of the uncertainty, pain, fear and complete horror others are feeling across the globe. i think it's important to be aware, to not bury our head in the sand and to not live in a bubble thinking this doesn't effect us. it does.

this week, i've turned my eyes towards our home. towards the craziness of two children running from room to room leaving a trail of toys behind them. towards my garden and the rewarding feeling i get as i fill the raised beds for the season. towards the evening grilling of dinner. towards the late bedtime because we lose track of time as the days grow longer.

it's the stability of our home that brings some peace during troubled times. we walk in our home, close the door behind us and somehow, all the cares of a complicated world seem to dim and become a bit more simple.

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