Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The most recent picture of our old stomping ground. Looks a bit different from when we were the owners. Built in the early 1940's. It's a sweet home. The first home David and I owned together. What a blessing this house was, it allowed us to purchase our new home.

This is a continuation of my previous two posts...part 3.

When David drove off in his little red car, I must admit, I was a bit jealous. He was off to California, my home away from home, he would see my parents, he would drive up and down tree lined Euclid Avenue, he would see those mountains...oh, those mountains, he would visit our favorite eateries, he would be there without me. He would travel through states, see terrains, make rest stops...oh how I love road trips. It didn't help that is was 50 degrees in Texas and he was off to enjoy the spring like weather of California. What kept me grounded was the excitement. God was at work in my husband. It was a mystery as to what was going to happen, but God is good, God is always good, so, I knew we were in for the ride of our lives.

He called me often as he drove 20 straight hours to California. He told me how much he appreciated me and thanked me for allowing him to go on the adventure. There was excitement in his voice, there was joy. I hadn't heard those joyful words coming out of his mouth in a while. As he drove miles and miles, joy filled his heart again. He spent 20 hours alone with God. He worshiped, he cried, he chatted, he listened, he prayed, he thanked the Creator of the universe for His beautifully crazy love. In the meantime, back in Texas, the three of us missed David like crazy but knew he would return to us a changed man.

He spent a week in California. God did awesome things. He hiked mountains solo and with John. He visited our dear friends Robert and Alisa and their two children. He shared meals with good company. He surprised his friend and previous boss, Kirk and shared his heart. He surprised my parents by just showing up at my Dad's office. He prayed over homes, people and shared a word with our old pastor. When he left California in November 2006, life had slowly been squeezed out of him. He returned to California in January 2009 and was given a new life.

God changed my husband during the week in California. He gave me my husband back. His depression had gone on so long that I just convinced myself that things weren't going to change. I just figured that was how my life was going to be, forever. God had other things in mind.

What God did in David during that trip is indescribable. I have no idea how to put it into words. David had spent his entire walk with Christ feeling like he had to read so many Bible chapters a day and spend x amount of hours a day in had become a chore. A duty over a desire. God changed that. He revealed His face to David, allowing David to see how absolutely loving He is and how He desires a relationship. Not one of duty, but of desire. He no longer reads his Bible because it's what a Christian should do, he reads his Bible because he yearns to learn more about his Father. He no longer prays because that's what a Christian should do, he prays because he want to talk to his Daddy, know his heart and share the deepest thoughts of his being with his Maker.

Click HERE to hear a powerful song by Jason Upton. David's whole trip can be summed up in this song.
You know the drill, see you back here tomorrow, same time, same place

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Christine said...

What an incredible journey for your whole family. You sure do write it all beautifully. Life is tough at times. It's good to know there is a loving God out there for us. Looking forward to see how things continue.