Saturday, January 28, 2012

painted blocks

this originally started as a craft my friend amy and i did with our mops group. but like always, i fell in love with it and had to make more. 

the key to this craft is don't be perfect. perfectionists take note, the messier you get with your painting, the cuter the blocks are. 

we bought unpainted blocks, paint, stencils, foam brushes and sand paper. here's the simple steps:
1) paint the blocks. let them dry.
2) stencil on whatever you want. you don't need a lot of paint on your brush for this. dip it in the paint, then dab it on something. then, just dab the stencil, no paint strokes. let them dry.
3) sand the blocks to give them a distressed look. sand the edges to round them.
4) enjoy.
i then found some larger blocks in my craft room from a previous craft and made these...

the blocks were already painted white, so i just painted over them. i am completely obsessed with grey and mustard yellow which is why i chose those color combinations. 


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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Wow, they turned out great! You are so inspiring me with all your crafts. Way to stick to your resolution. (And, what a fun one!) I love yellow and gray, too... That's Sierra's room colors!