Sunday, February 6, 2011

weekend review. a very long post.

the weekend was glorious.

friday we woke to snow. david and i were actually awake at 1am friday morning. we watched as snow fell and covered the grass. david sang christmas carols because you can't have snow without christmas carols, no?
all this boy wanted to do was play in the fluff. unfortunately i couldn't join him for long since my girl has been sick. i bundled her up and took her outside. 5 minutes later she begged for warmth. so eli threw snowballs around with the dogs while the girls cuddled on the red couch. 
if you've followed this little blog through the seasons, you know just how much i love living on our street. it fits our family like a glove. 
this girl was the pinkest thing amongst the whiteness of snow. and yep, that's her nightgown.
emma slept soundly in the afternoon so this boy and i had a lunch date with the snow. it was 2pm and we were the only two out. we tried to pry open the garden gate with no luck. i shoveled snow in our driveway to make a ramp and we attempted to slide down on garbage can lids. we threw snowballs and ate a few handfuls. 

when emma woke. we made snow ice cream. the kids had fun but eli was the only one who liked it. emma and i preferred to eat plain snow. that's my girl. 
and saturday. well saturday was my birthday. the sun came out. the snow just about melted. david and i dropped the kids off at his parents house and we enjoyed a night out alone. we laughed over drinks and feasted at one of our favorite restaurants. we shopped and i came oh so close to not purchasing these adorable ruffle sandals. we sat in a movie theater side by side and enjoyed a movie. 

we commented on how strange it was to have the house to ourselves.

we slept in sunday morning. i woke even before david and enjoyed the peace of a quiet house. 

truly perfect. hope yours was too. 

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