Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the 20 minute warning

surely, i'm not the only one who does this girls.

you know. you get the call from your husband, "i'll be home in 20 minutes." you look around the house. you look down at your bum clothes. you look at the children still in their pajamas. all is crazy.

i got that phone call last night and here's how my 20 minutes went.

hung up the phone. set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes. 15 minutes to get the house and children together. 5 minutes to get myself together.

i tackled the family room first. the kids got a hold of a box of tissues and decided to rip them in tiny pieces to make snow. next, the kitchen. threw dishes in the dishwasher and wiped crumbs off the counter from lunch. finally, the children. took old pajamas off. rubbed them down with baby lotion so they smelled fresh. put new pajamas on since it was evening anyways.

and last, myself. i peeled off my bum clothes. put on a spray or two of perfume. let my hair down. slipped a skirt on with a cardigan of course.

truth is, david could care less what the house looks like. he still thinks i'm a great mom even if i leave the children in their pajamas all day. and he would still think i'm beautiful even if i was wearing a potato sack.

i take joy in keeping a nice house. i like for my children to smell fresh even if it's because i lather them in baby lotion. and i like looking nice for my husband.

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