Thursday, February 3, 2011

felt heart wreath

it's day 2,401 of cabin fever. actually it's day 3 but i feels like forever. 

i made a red felt heart wreath last year for valentine's day and i love, love, love it. once the christmas decor was packed away, i quickly pulled out my valentine's day decor. i love all that valentine's day involves...hearts, red, glitter, love. i don't buy into the cheesy jewelry commercials and all that jazz. for david and my first valentine's day after we married, we set a $5 limit on our gifts. he gave me the most adorable black and white book that i still bring out with my valentine's decor. 

i made another felt heart wreath this year for eli's preschool teacher. i walked into the barn on monday night for a parent meeting. the barn was full of valentine's day decor just like my home. i smiled. eli's teacher and i share a love for pottery barn. 

click HERE for directions on how to make this darling wreath. you'll need a thimble, trust me!

by the way, i've been eyeing some hooks to hang the kids backpacks. perhaps THESE

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

LOVELY wreath! The hooks are cute, but since you have all E's, they might not work. :)