Tuesday, February 1, 2011

snow day

it's beyond cold outside so everyone stayed home. emma was sick and still is. eli and i pulled out our new pottery wheel and had fun making a mess. 

this chilly weather makes me want to organize. emma's closet looks delightful. 
with hopes of making my girl feel a bit better, i made heart shaped cookies. surely a cookie can cure any illness, no?
special thanks to those who made this chilly tuesday fun:
-my mom and dad who always send the best california care packages. complete with a laptop for eli (a real one at that), a pottery wheel and heart shaped baking molds.
-my mother-in-law who drove me and my crazy kids to ikea over the weekend because i love to organize and wanted the kids closets to look just as cute as their room. and because she knows i hate driving. i so make a better passenger. 
-my lovely husband who put my ikea finds together because he knows i hate reading instructions and for doing our taxes because he knows me and how much i loathe pushing paper.

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