Thursday, November 18, 2010

this girl

so i have this girl. and she's a delight. david says she's an extension of me because she loves what i love...sparkle shoes, skirts, cardigans, flowers and jewelry. 

during my late nights with newborn emma, i would lay in bed and dream about what she would be like. i wondered if her blue eyes were going to change brown. if she'd have her dads curls. if she would be as attached to me as her brother is. 

all that dreaming and yet my thoughts didn't come close to capturing emma. her sweetness. her spunk. the way she tugs at my skirt and grabs my hand. how she hugs tight and listens close as i read books. 

i'm afraid my memory cannot hold all that she is. but i will surely try. 
dressing up. a combination of cat woman and princess.
her richard simmons curls. 
her love of color.
the way she thinks outside the box.
and her style. style and her willingness to play along.

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