Thursday, November 18, 2010


just call me super mom because...
i gave emma a fruit snack at 10am this morning and told her, "don't tell anyone." because she also had macaroni & cheese for lunch AND dinner. because the kids and i made a thanksgiving craft and i hogged the hot glue gun. because when we walked by the salvation army red bucket, the gal gave the kids a red lollipop and i let them eat it even though they already had one for the day. 

just call me super mom because...
when we pulled up to the post office today, eli asked me, "mommy, do you love me?" and out of my mouth came, "oh eli, i have crazy love for you."

just call me super mom because...
emma found a pacifier today and i didn't take it away from her, she just looked way too cute. because when eli found a praying mantis in the garden, i let the thing crawl on my boot and kicked it onto the parsley.

just call me super wife because...
when david called at 5:30pm to let me know he was on his way home, we had the following conversation:
david: "what's for dinner?"
me: "soup."
david: "what kind?"
me: "whatever is in the can in the pantry."
david: "and what will you eat?
me: "cereal."
david: "how about chipotle?"
me: "that would be just loverly."

just call me me.

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