Wednesday, November 24, 2010

dear dad...

dear dad...
you spoil me. i will not go into all the details as to how i am spoiled because then everyone will think i'm a brat. but you and i know just how much i am spoiled.

i received the two packages today from pottery barn. i know they are for the children, but i get just as excited. thank you. they are darling and dear and you'll see them in a few weeks when you arrive in texas.

i wish i was there this thanksgiving. sitting at the double tree with you and mom. eating a thanksgiving feast. you and david would hit the oysters and crab. mom and i would steer clear and go for the traditional turkey. you and david would sip a glass of wine or two. i would ask to smell the wine because just like coffee, i like the smell but don't like the taste.

but instead i am here and you are there.

remember thanksgiving 3 years ago. our little family of three boarded a plane and arrived just in time for thanksgiving dinner. you thought my belly looked a little full at the airport and then i finally confessed that i was indeed pregnant with your second grandchild. the next day you and mom dropped us off at LAX where we flew to maui for a little vacation.

so i'll miss you and mom this thanksgiving. and your stuffing that is oh so delish. and how the trick to perfect stuffing is lots and lots of sage. remember the thanksgiving when the sweet potatoes caught on fire? still laughing about that today.

well, i'll see you in a few weeks and i miss you and mom dearly.

your daughter

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