Tuesday, November 23, 2010


my ipod is always on shuffle. i like to be surprised.

this afternoon i was sitting in the living room doing laundry. i have always done laundry in the living room. it's at the front of the house, i sit by the window and watch the world go by.

today the ipod was on and i got a surprise. hundreds of songs and shuffle chose THIS one. i was folding a green kitchen towel right as the song started. each of these things separate wouldn't cause such a reaction, but the two together, they made me pause. something about them, i don't know.

the towel. i have been folding that towel for 10 years. yes! 10 years. i remember receiving the towel as a gift for our wedding. it's now worn, thin and pretty much ready to retire to the rag basket. 10 years. that still amazes me. i hit repeat, and sat there for a few moments thinking random thoughts...

like the time david and i went camping at san onofre state beach. we packed up my black truck and pitched a tent for a week. we spent our days eating pb&j sandwiches and green apples on beach towels. one night, an older couple walked by our campground and we ended up chatting it up by the campfire. they were gray, had to be in their late 60's and had hippie qualities to them. we talked about everything and anything. none that i can remember because the entire time i spent staring at them and thinking to myself, "that is what i want to be like when i'm gray."

like the time david had a heart to heart with me. a few months into our life in texas. it was february, cold as can be. we were driving down the road and reached our destination. he turned to me and said, "you're just so sad. you know we moved here to better our family, you need to snap out of this sadness." i didn't know what to say because truth is, there was no way he would have understood what i felt. i decided at that moment that i needed to make the best of my situation and bring my smile back.

the thoughts kept shuffling through my mind like my ipod does songs.

it's those trinkets and lyrics and moments that trigger such memories. a few words in a song. a kitchen towel that has been with me throughout my entire married life. it's those things that get me every time.

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