Friday, March 18, 2011

sneak preview

i've been working on the garden every single day this week. it's been amazing. i forgot how good it feels to dig in the dirt. the sense of accomplishment i get after time spent in the garden is like no other. i love answering eli's garden questions even if i don't know the true answer. i love watching emma explore the dirt with her bare hands because that shouldn't just be a part of a boys world. 
remember my pink skirt? well, it came out of retirement and is now my gardening skirt. it always seems to get soaked when i water. guess that's what i get for daydreaming. 
and those carrots. we're making progress folks. we pulled one a week ago and it was small, but it sure was good. eli gobbled it up. 
all ten boxes are full. two are dedicated to flowers and a few strawberry plants that just won't go away. one box has been completely taken over by strawberries. one contains a single tomato plant leaving the rest of the box for the children to dig in. and the rest contain potatoes, tomatoes, parsley, zucchini, squash, basil, rosemary, onion, green beans, marigolds, cilantro and whatever i'm forgetting. 

we're open for the season. this one will be a delight. 

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