Monday, September 6, 2010

the diary of a mother - part 2 of 7,459

part of me truly thought i would be the mother of only boys. i knew trucks and cars and trains and bugs. i was a pretty awesome mother of a boy. i played in mud, i collected rocks, i built train tracks, i didn't fret over stained clothing. but then this happened...
this girl arrived and brought shades of pink into my mothering. she brings me a bow every morning to put in her hair. she loves her skirts just as much as i love mine. 

i send eli off to preschool. emma cries because she wants to go too. but, she stays with me. i choose to be a little selfish because it's these moments alone with emma that will be gone in a heartbeat.

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Anonymous said...

So true Melissa! I felt exactly the same way when I got pregnant with Sarah. I was so worried about her being a girl. Girly girl things were just not me BUT this no pink mama painted baby girls room 2 shades of pink. Sarah's gave color is pink and she loves twirling in dresses. Thank goodness she has a brother to show her the muddy, rough and tumble side of life (which she loves). I can have both with her. - Jen