Tuesday, September 7, 2010


believe it or not, but sometimes i run out of words. i am out. completely out. not sure why. sure, i could just not post for a few days while i gather my thoughts. or my friends, i could browse through iphoto and find some random pictures that don't have a story what so ever.

i'm sure it's no surprise, i photograph everything. sometimes i look back and wonder why i photographed that. i refuse to delete from iphoto because i know the memory will soon return. until then, i give you a random photo essay straight from iphoto...
i miss seeing crazy cars like this on the road. i would so love to sit down and share a blueberry and cream cheese pastry with the driver of this beauty.
i'm sure i attempted to photograph this flower stand. but instead i ended up with a blurry photo of a bald guy buying flowers. don't get me wrong though, i love bald people.
soooo remember taking this shot. but don't remember why i wanted to photograph these guys. handsome? not sure. i do remember the little yell they gave me along with a confused look wondering why i was photographing them.
big. huge. monster. backyard. spider.
boots. we're very fond of boots in our home. emma has her eye on eli's cowboy boots complete with stars that light up when he takes a step. perhaps a pair of pink boots will be on her christmas list. 
the. end.

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