Saturday, September 4, 2010


saturday morning i woke to the sound of my phone. i rolled over. rubbed my sleepy eyes. and the day began. i walked into the kitchen and noticed a letter that needed to be mailed. i grabbed the letter, opened the front door, stepped outside and my heart skipped a beat. the morning was chilly.

a week ago, something happened in the air and i truly felt fall. some thought i was crazy. others understood. either way, i know what i felt and saturday morning confirmed it.

i ran back into the house (literally). opened every window in the house. the house hadn't been aired out in months due to the heat of summer.

the wind blew a stack of mail sitting on the breakfast nook window seat. the garden looked worn but ready for fall planting. and i, i walked around the house with a huge smile on my face. wouldn't you?

happy september.

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