Thursday, December 31, 2009


What a remarkable year.

Life changing.
2009 was without a doubt, the most memorable year of our marriage.
January called David back to California. Read HERE.
February brought us love.

March brought us our first square foot garden.

April brought us a bounty.

May brought us a spring delivery.
June brought our 9th wedding anniversary.

July brought us Emma's first birthday.

August brought hours and hours and hours spent outdoors.

September brought us hayrides.

October brought us costumes.

November made us thankful.

December took us to warmer weather in California.

I love the turning of a new year. I have so many thoughts for this year. So many hopes. So many dreams. Happy New Year my friends, Happy New Year!

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

What a great review... love it! Welcome home!