Monday, January 11, 2010

Celebrating Eli

Eli turned 4. We celebrated for the whole week. Everyone should have a birthday week, a day is not enough. Some friends came over for a little party. It was perfect.

This is all that's left from the most delicious birthday cake. David whipped it up and the following words came from one of our birthday party guests, "Do you know what I love most about this birthday cake? Everything!" Find the recipe HERE.

After Christmas, I was way too excited about Valentine's Day. I love the day. Who wouldn't love red and hearts and glitter? I kept them up for the party and just added a few of my favorite Eli shots to display. They are still on display, I can't seem to put them away.

In lieu of a goodie bag, we did crafts. We planted sunflower seeds in small terra cotta pots and added some foamies to decorate. Then, we made necklaces from painted wooden beads. It was a mess but worth every minute.

Eli requested that I read his (and my) favorite book, Fredrick by Leo Lionni. But, it was way too crazy with all the children. The bounce house took priority over the book. We snuggled up at night and read it, just the two of us.

The gifts were amazing. Eli hasn't put them down. He took most of his gifts to bed at night and I found him playing with them in the morning.

My first born is 4, I don't know what to say. This time 4 years ago I had a little newborn Eli in the my arms. Sometimes, I still hold him like I did 4 years ago. It lasts just a few seconds, then we're off to explore.
The winner of the give-a-way was Teri who wrote, "my #1 resolution is to complete all the half done projects in my house, painting, etc." Congrats Teri, email me (mrsmelissabutler{at}yahoo{dot}com your address and I'll ship off your darling necklace.

I do apologize for neglecting the blog. It was back to work week for me. Busy. Celebrating Eli's birthday week. Fun. No water on Friday, our pipes froze. Crazy.

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Happy Birthday, Eli! He is too adorable! (I won't call him that when he gets older!)