Monday, January 9, 2012

welcome home

he's home. life as i know it can continue. last night, i fell asleep on david's side of the bed. i knew he would wake me when he got home if i did that. at nearly 1am, he did.

i got eli to school on this rainy monday. emma slept in until almost 8am. when david woke, he took emma out for some father/daughter time and i had the house to myself. he brought gifts for both he kids. our family dog is back to her normal tail wagging while sleeping in her bed self. and there's a calmness over me that cannot be described. and tonight, i will sit in a coffee shop with some great friends and talk. and only worry about myself and which pastry i choose. 

i told you, just his presence makes everything better.

and today, there's a reason to celebrate.

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