Tuesday, January 10, 2012

these kids. cute kids but total boring post

i love photographing my kids. i photograph them doing the everyday but sometimes it's super sweet to dress them up, take them outside and go click, click, click. 

this day, was a sunday. david wasn't home so i was on my own. my favorite time to photograph during the winter months is 5pm. they so weren't into it, so i had to beg and bribe them to work with me. i took my dad's kindergarten chair to a walking trail in a local park and we set up our photo session. i never know what i'm truly going to get until i am home and upload the photos. this time, i uploaded and my heart stopped when i discovered these 3 photographs. about 75 pictures taken to get these 3. so, so worth it. 

so back to these photographs. i have convinced a few of my friends to let me photograph their children so i can practice on someone other than these two. let's see if i have the magic to get other children to smile.

we shall see...

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lweed said...


I just read "Enjoy It" and I want to let you know the lump in your throat will never go away. Just wait and see.

Love ya,