Friday, January 27, 2012

hello morning

today i had no choice but to wake bright and early and say 'hello morning.' after waking me, eli ran to the backdoor because he wanted me to see something. below is what he wanted to show me. he's so my son. i love that. 
i fed eli breakfast, packed his lunch, brushed his teeth and dressed him for school. by the time we got in the car and headed down the street, the sky had completely changed. 

i returned home and did the same routine except this time with my girl. after we were ready, we headed for the car. i opened the garage door, the sun was shining and emma immediately heard some birds chirping. she ran out of the garage to blow the birds a few sweet kisses. she's so my daughter. i love that. 
have a happy weekend. we're already off to an amazing start. 

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