Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today is February 5th.
Today is my birthday.
Today I turn thirty.
Thirty my friends, THIRTY!
Today my best friend is taking me to breakfast.
Taking me to breakfast 40 minutes away because she knows how much I love THIS resturant.
We will wine and dine with our two babies while our other two babies are at school.
My best friend who gave me a cane, granny underwear, a pill organizer, reading glasses, knee high stockings and muscle cream because apparently, thirty is over the hill. She's 31 so I don't feel too bad.
Today my husband will take me out to dinner.
Not only dinner, but dinner and a "whatever else you want to do we will do" date.
Maybe some shopping. Hopefully some shopping with the gift card my parents are sending me from THIS store. Hopefully it will arrive in time.
Maybe we'll stroll down the garden isle in some store and pick out seed packets for our spring garden.
Did I tell you what my birthday present from David is? Raised garden beds. To the normal gal it's a dud of a gift. To me, it's the most lovely gift a husband could build his wife.
Today I will walk around with freshly painted toe nails and wearing my favorite earrings found HERE.
Today is February 5th.
Today is my birthday.
Today I turn thirty.
Thirty my friends, THIRTY!
And I couldn't be more blessed, more content, more loved, my adored or more happy.
Happy birthday Melissa, happy birthday.
To honor me on my birthday, here's an overview of my past year of life:
I turned 29. I made some new friends. I birthed another human being, a human being who just happens to be the most adorable baby girl on planet Earth. I ate some awesome cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes to be exact. I boarded a plane to California with two children all by myself. I completed countless crafts, some better than others. I walked around a little lake one trillion times. I watched Eli streak in our backyard and take a bath in the dogs water bowl. I didn't discourage Eli from streaking in our backyard and taking a bath in the dogs water bowl. I planted a garden. I harvested tomatoes all spring and summer long. I worked at a pumpkin patch. I was gifted a new laptop, a new camera, a super adorable pair of shoes, the sweetest little heart plates and the most beautiful bouquet of pink roses that have lasted now over 2 weeks (the power of asking God to pick out your flowers verses picking them out yourself). I said good-bye to my husband as he drove 21 straight hours to California, a state he had not visited in over 2 years. I then welcomed him home from California and witnessed first hand the power of God, the power of prayer and the power of being completely broken and humbled before Jesus. I have been blessed by marriage. I have been blessed by offspring. I have been blessed by blood. I have been blessed by friends. I have been blessed.


Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Happy birthday, you youngin! Sounds like you have a lot of fun plans. Enjoy your special day!!!! (And I think the raised garden bed is an awesome gift!)

Christine said...

If it makes you feel any better...I had my first baby at 30 and am now 33. Have a wonderful birthday!! P.S. The garden gift has to be the coolest thing ever. I wish I had a yard to build one day...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!yay the big just keeping getting better, have a wonderful day!!!

3 SISTERS said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your special day. Have fun. I think the gift your hubby gave you is great. Take pictures.

Aterry0207 said...

Happy 30th Birthday!!!! May you have many more Delightful and blessed birthdays to come. I'm so jealous you get to shop at New York and Company... that's my favorite store too:)! Have fun shopping.