Saturday, January 14, 2012

for the love of home

i love being home. i plan my outings very carefully. for example, say monday i need to run a lot of errands and i'll be gone for hours. then tuesday i will stay home. if i'm busy and away from home two days in a row, i feel off and cannot wait for the busyness to end. 

now traveling is a whole different story. i love traveling. but the feeling of opening our front door when we return and taking that first step in our home, is like no other. 

i'm kind of labeled as a homebody to the people i know. and i'm okay with that because it's only at home that these kinds of things happen...
emma spelling out our family on the fridge.
my girl helping me make goodies for her brother while he's at school.
eli writing on the chalkboard, "the happy new year is fun."
reading and writing.
and a boy, wishing it would be sunny and snowy outside. this is genius! notice the paper sun and cotton balls for snow. 

and if that wasn't enough, as i put eli to bed last night he said, "do i have school tomorrow?" "no," i replied, "tomorrow is saturday and we get to stay home all day and play." with excitement in his eyes he said, "yeah! i'm so excited about tomorrow!"

i love that my kids are perfectly content with staying home...just like me.

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