Monday, January 16, 2012

a few projects

i'm in decorating, crafting and organizing mode these days. and, i feel like i've been sticking to some of my new years goals and might possible share craft number two with you this month!

first of all, pintrest is amazing. i woke up sunday morning. got on pintrest and was immediately inspired by a pin. by the end of the day a blank canvas was painted and now i'm preparing to hang the canvas above our couch. i'll share that soon.

next, i replaced the photographs in the children's rooms. every year, i take a birthday photo of the children and display it in their rooms. usually i change the photograph yearly, but i snapped a few super sweet pictures of emma during eli's birthday session, so i had to display one of them.

then, i convinced david that it's a good idea to replace a large piece of furniture in our home. there's a certain piece of furniture that has bugged me for 5 years. i never mentioned it to him until this morning. before i did, i knew i had to have a plan to get him to say 'yes.' i presented my plan and it worked! it not only worked but he completely agreed with me and said that the piece of furniture bugged him too!

and last, i'm still dreaming about my garden. on sunday night the children were drawing on their whiteboard. together they drew a very detailed picture of our garden. there was a strawberry and tomato patch, flowers and a girl in a skirt watering the flowers. i love that they too long for our spring days of planting. i love that they drew me wearing a skirt. i love that they notice things, those little details i often write about. and of course it was insanely cute that they worked on this drawing together. i guess there's three of us dreaming of the garden. i think i should stop referring to it as my garden. i love that it has blossomed into our garden.

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