Thursday, November 24, 2011

i am thankful

in just a few hours, our home will be filled with family. the thanksgiving cooking will be in full swing. i pulled together a few crafts for the children to do while the adults are sitting around the table.

i love our home. i know and use every corner of it almost daily. i know it so well, if i closed my eyes, i could navigate my way between it's walls. this morning, the house is surrounded by fog. when i look out the breakfast nook window, i can barely see evidence of the garden. there are pictures displayed on the refrigerator, leaf bunting hanging by the fingerprint covered windows, pumpkins stacked on candle sticks and us just living around it all.

i know it's the people who make a house a home. it's the placing of those little trinkets and handmade crafts and ribbon hanging with a wreath. call me crazy, but sometimes i think i hear our home take a breath. i hear it in the squeak of the bathroom door. the way the pantry is either closed or completely open, there's no in between. the way there's one particular corner of the wall that i've hit with the vacuum over and over during these past 5 years and i can see every single dent. i can't explain it, but even though i don't think we'll live in this house forever, i can't imagine another family calling it their home.

so today, on thanksgiving morning, i am thankful for this home. and today, when it is filled with family (and friends), the volume will probably be a little louder than usual. so loud, that i'll neglect to hear this breath i am writing about. but, i'm sure our home will be smiling.

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