Monday, November 21, 2011


sunday afternoon we headed to a ballet recital. it was at one of the most beautiful college campuses and i was in love. the history in the buildings was amazing. the trees that hovered over the sidewalks rained leaves since fall is in full swing. the campus reminded me of home really. the beautiful columns in the buildings, the large trees that touch the clouds, the architecture in every direction i turned.  

eli sat next to his cousin and was a trooper throughout the entire performance. some of my favorite eli quotes include:
"this thing is way too long." and, "i'm hungry, can we go?" and, "can we go to in&out?"

emma was mesmerized throughout the entire performance of the nutcracker. she hopped from my lap to her mimi's lap. some of my favorite emma quotes include:
"i want to be up there dancing!" and, "is that tinkerbell?" and as eli and his cousin started talking during the performance about angry birds, she turned to them with a stern, "shhhhhhhhh!"

a friend told me how amazing the campus was so knew i had to take my camera. i took probably about 50 pictures of the kids which gave me about 20 good ones. seriously, i think i had kids just so i can have someone to photograph. 

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Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Love it! We went to "The Nutcracker" in Claremont last year and had a blast, too! Your kids are SOOOO adorable!!!