Saturday, September 10, 2011

sweet moments

this week was full of sweet moments with my e's. 

emma gets giddy on barn school days. i entered the barn on thursday at pickup time. there emma sat with 11 other children singing songs. one of eli's friends from last year at barn school ran up to me and said, "i miss eli!" and emma's teacher told me how emma dances and twists throughout the day, even when she's sitting at her desk doing work. 

on wednesday morning, as eli and i were walking out of the house for kindergarten, he looked up at me and said, "will you be waiting outside for me when kindergarten is over?" "of course," i replied, "just like i do every day." we arrived at school, walked in the first door, then reached the second door. i kneeled down at eli and said, "now, you walk the rest of the way to the music room." just then, a 3rd grade boy walked up to eli wearing a bright yellow vest that said "safety patrol." the 3rd grader took eli's hand and said, "i'll walk with him."

on thursday, eli came home from school and said, "there was a boy in class that said a bad word." 
"what did he say?" i asked.
"poop." eli exclaimed.
"what did you do?" i said.
"i said my memory verse and didn't repeat the word." he replied.
i smiled because poop isn't a bad word yet when the day arrives when eli truly hears a bad word, i am certain that the memory verse will be engraved on his heart. 

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