Wednesday, September 7, 2011

living at the beach

i am determined. and david would agree. one of these days, we will live at the beach. we will have a darling little beach cottage. the interior walls will all be white, white as can be. the windows will always be open. our red couch will sit perfectly in the living room. the children will probably share a room. our master bedroom will have french doors that lead to the backyard garden deck. i will wake up every morning, slip my glasses on, open the french doors and sit, alone, for a minute or two and listen to the waves crash on the beach. 

i am homesick, can you tell? although i do enjoy living where we currently reside, there's no denying my love for california. so yes, one day we will return to the west coast, or perhaps venture to the east coast. but either way, i believe, this beach cottage dream of mine will one day come true. and when it does, this is what we will do daily...

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